Shooting Range

Shooting Range

Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol Shooting Range

Whether you are an expert who needs to maintain their proficiency or want to site in your favorite rifle for your next hunting adventure this 50 yard to 300 yard range will meet all your needs. TMRP will also offer a 500 yard range, which will be available in Spring 2017.

Our pistol range has targets at 5 yards up to 25 yards. A great place to practice! Pistol shooters must have the proper paperwork.

Our shooting ranges are available to members only.

Shotgun Instruction/Gun Fitting

The Shooting School at TMRP offers its members the finest shooting instruction available to teach you the complete Shooting system.

home_sporting-claysOur Shooting instructors are available for the novice as well as the seasoned veteran. Stance, foot position, gun handling, swing, visual concentration, proper gun mount, and correct fit of the gun stock are all focused on and enforced.

We are very pleased to work hand in hand with Dan Carlise, 2016 World Sporting Clays Champion Anthony Matarese Jr. and Compak Sporting team gold medalist Will Fennel on scheduled dates to bring solid fundamentals to beginners, as well as specific problematic instruction for advance shooters.

With Dan, Anthony, Will and our resident shooting instructors, TMRP offers you some of the finest instructors available in the Northeast.